Building Bridges

Building Bridges Between The Generations
We believe in promoting social interaction between generations to bring joy and promote good health.
All our communities partner with local schools to bring together children and our residents in a fun-filled, mutually beneficial social environment. Called Building Bridges, this innovative intergenerational program helps eliminate the stereotypes of nursing homes and the elderly, encourage learning between the groups, and promote social interactions.

These interactions may include the following:

  • Residents reading to students in the classroom
  • Children reading to bed-bound residents
  • Playing board games
  • Working together on puzzles
  • Singing songs
  • Making snacks
  • Students volunteering at community socials


These interactions are a win-win for both groups. Residents experience less isolation, learn new skills, receive needed emotional support and experience health benefits. At the same time, the children often see improvement in their academics and growth in their social skills, while exhibiting less negative behavior.