Other Community Outreaches

Helping Is Never Out Of Reach
Outreach projects and other shared experiences between co-workers has the potential to change our local communities and the world we live in.
Whether we’re casually catching up by the water cooler after a long weekend or sharing work notes about a new project, we’re making connections that affect more than any bottom line. We know that connecting with our co-workers on a personal and professional level and getting involved with outreach work is a win-win situation!

We also know that when we sponsor a little league team or bake cookies with our residents for a Veteran’s luncheon, it sparks a cycle of giving. What started out as suggestions for employees to get personally involved has evolved into projects spanning from our churches and our playgrounds to fundraising for a family who’s lost their home. With global intentions and efforts to find a cure for Alzheimer’s to local projects to feed the homeless, there seems to be no outreach project that is out of reach!