Fighting To Make Alzheimer’s Just A Memory
We’ve witnessed the impact on those living with Alzheimer’s and those caring for them through educational opportunities, hands-on training, support groups, ambassadorships, mentoring, fundraising and more.
While some of our team members have a personal stake in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, others make it a personal mission to lend a voice to finding a cure for this epidemic. Whether walking or cooking or cheering others on, we’re at the forefront of what’s happening with the latest medical and technological advances in Alzheimer’s research and support services.

Finding A Cure For Alzheimer’s, One Fundraiser At A Time.

Alzheimer Disease (AD) is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S., which is why we lead the fight every day to make AD just a memory in the communities we serve.


Out of the top 10 causes of death, AD is the only one that is not preventable, curable or able to be slowed. Nearly 6 million people suffer from AD in the U.S. with those figures expected to triple by 2050. It’s numbers like these that hit close to home and inspire us to make finding a cure for AD the focus of our fundraising and support efforts through:

  • Alzheimer’s Walks: Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Houma, Jonesboro, Little Rock
  • Sponsorship, staff participation, chair & co-chair
  • AD Ambassadors: Marching on Capitol Hill
  • Facility Support Groups
  • Facility Fundraisers: Golf tournaments, Painting events
  • Family Involvement: Creative activity planning
  • Alzheimer’s Association: Regional board members
  • Certified Dementia Caregivers: Advanced staff training


We’re committed to paving the way for a world free from Alzheimer’s. That is why we spend our time educating the community, offering better access to support services and resources, and donating our time and money. Elder Outreach, along with its affiliates and healthcare partners, have raised and donated more than $150,000 since 2008 through fundraising and facility sponsorships, and charitable associations.



Select facilities have memory-care communities, better known as “The Retreat,” for residents living with Dementia to help each person lead a safe and independent lifestyle. Memory loss can be scary, which is why our Retreat communities cater to the sensitive needs of residents with special programs designed to promote ease of living, confidence, and independence.


At The Retreat, social connections among residents and staff are encouraged and made every day, helping each person to continue to engage in meaningful activities and have new experiences through our specialized therapeutic and activity programs.


Learn more about how The Retreat at our communities and affiliates below can benefit you or your loved one:


Crowley, LA

Lafayette, LA